27 июн. 2013 г.

Woah! Award-winning photographer Namsa Leuba for COMME des GARÇONS

We love Namsa Leuba. She provided one of the best pages in our Annual 2012, and there’s simply no one else that makes photographs like her – she has the ability to create tropical portals into strange visions of contemporary ancient history. She’s recently finished BAUHDA, a COMME des GARÇONS special photo shoot for i-Dmagazine and it. Is. Brilliant.
In an interview on the magazine’s website, Namsa says of the project: “It’s a series that came from African inspiration, from the Bauhaus and Dada shapes and geometrical structures. I like to associate fashion, culture, and the cloth itself to my projects, and have an intuitive and free direction. COMME des GARÇONS is Avant-Garde, dynamic in the curves, the volumes… the unconventional inspires me.”
So great. See this beautiful collaboration in the flesh in the latest copy of i-D.

12 июн. 2013 г.

M le Monde - 8th of June 2013

The Travel Almanach - SS13


-30% на всю коллекцию весна/лето 2013

Долгожданная распродажа в COMME des GARÇONS!!!
-30% на всю коллекцию весна/лето 2013. 
Невский 156 


1 июн. 2013 г.


“We hope to make DSMG more and more interesting. I enjoy seeing all the customers coming to DSMG dressed in their strong, good looking and individual way. I would like for DSMG to be the place where fashion becomes fascinating.” Rei KAWAKUBO


Comme des Garçons will launch Blue Invasion, a new trio of fragrances — Blue Encens, Blue Cedrat and Blue Santal. 
Blue Encens ~ with incense, wormwood, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and mineral amber. 
Blue Cedrat ~ citron with metallic rose, angelica and quinine. 
Blue Santal ~ sandalwood with pine, blue pepper and juniper berries. 
Comme des Garçons Blue Invasion Blue Encens, Blue Cedrat and Blue Santal will launch in August in 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

hero, spring/summer 2013.